pic of holiday table

When Christmas Isn’t Merry

Most of our holiday greetings include the idea of happiness in one way or the other. Whether it is “Merry Christmas,” or “Happy Holidays,” or “Happy Hanukah,” the idea that smiles and joy and mirth are the only accepted emotions during the holidays presents an eerie peer pressure to those…

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pic of dad and daughter

Impeachment Drama

I get downright angry when I hear coverage of the impeachment drama playing out in Congress these days. Especially when I listen to a particular portion of the hearing and then hear a news reporter tell a completely partisan, biased, alarming version that didn’t happen, in my opinion. It’s not…

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Controlling Parents Need Smiles?

Natasha Cabrera of the University of Maryland was featured in several media outlets this week because of her recent research on playing with toddlers. Apparently, mothers play with a different emotional tone than fathers and the outcome is pretty important. Cabrera, who has been studying fatherhood for many years, looked…

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